You can promote social and emotional education of your children or students with a tool that will help them develop their emotional awareness and lay the foundations for regulating their feelings in an entertaining and fun way.

pdi Emociometer

Based on the real and very positive experience of EMOTIOMETER in the classroom, in which students meditate on how they feel.

Imagine that we save this valuable information for future reference, to allow us to graphically display their evolution. Would it help you as a support tool to monitor the emotional state of your children or students? And what if it could help you identify potential learning problems or any emotional state that may have gone unnoticed?

Do not imagine it, because soon it will be a reality!

Thanks to the effort and enthusiasm of experts, parents and teachers, who like you, they seek the best education for their students, "our children".

The tool is complemented by teaching suggestions and free downloadable materials to work in the classroom or at home.

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Monitoring Platform and y Individualized attention

Platform for recording, visualization and analysis of the emotional state, to provide to authorized persons to consult the data, graphs and statistics easily and by email if they wish.


Teaching suggestions for Teachers and Family

Teaching suggestions adapted to the family and school environment to make better use of the tool.

Support Guide

Manual, and Support and Reference Guides

Support manual for teachers or family, which includes the user manual on the tool, as well as the theoretical basis on necessary education and emotional awareness. Basis on which the foundations of the tool rests.

Resource Bank

Resource Bank

Downloadable and free, to be used in your classes or at home to develop activities and teaching suggestions.

Alerts and warnings

Alerts and Warnings of Possible Problems

From the emotional records, parents and teachers can be alerted of possible patterns that might mask a learning disability or behavior that might have otherwise remained unnoticed.

Integral Support Service

Integral Support Service

For any problem, specialists in social and emotional learning, psychology and coaching can design a plan for coordinated action (training, advice, resources and/or dynamics) to facilitate a joint intervention to help the child develop the skills needed to operate autonomously and successful in life. Supplementary service.


Bilingual materials for practicing a second language

An educational and different way to learn English. Let your child practice English while learning more about their own feelings.



The first application that helps the development of emotional consciousness from the technological platform that best suits you and your circumstances: tablet, computer or digital interactive whiteboard.

quoteTales, ultimately, convey values ​​without being lessons, teach without giving advice, and orient and guide the reader in the great adventure of daily life. As seeds of knowledge, about oneself and the world, sleeping on the books, waiting for someone to wake up.quote-rtl
Begoña Ibarrola
quoteThe best way to reduce the violence levels in the near future, to increase altruism, and prevent health issues goes through early implementation of social and emotional learning. Now more than ever, education must aim at the heart.quote-rtl
Eduardo Punset [Cuaderno Faros]
quoteThroughout life essentials are: increased self esteem, improved ability to manage distressing emotions, increased sensitivity to the emotions of others and better interpersonal skills; but the foundation of all these skills are built in childhood.quote-rtl
Daniel Goleman and Linda Lantieri