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quoteTales, ultimately, convey values ​​without being lessons, teach without giving advice, and orient and guide the reader in the great adventure of daily life. As seeds of knowledge, about oneself and the world, sleeping on the books, waiting for someone to wake up.quote-rtl
Begoña Ibarrola
quoteThe best way to reduce the violence levels in the near future, to increase altruism, and prevent health issues goes through early implementation of social and emotional learning. Now more than ever, education must aim at the heart.quote-rtl
Eduardo Punset [Cuaderno Faros]
quoteThroughout life essentials are: increased self esteem, improved ability to manage distressing emotions, increased sensitivity to the emotions of others and better interpersonal skills; but the foundation of all these skills are built in childhood.quote-rtl
Daniel Goleman and Linda Lantieri